Curriculum Vitae of Timothy Ross WHITE

BE (Mech) Hons1, PhD, M.SAE-A, MIEAust


My engineering background, both industrial and as a researcher, was founded in machine and in
particular automotive design. In producing my doctoral thesis I became adept at the numerical
simulation of engineering problems, laboratory testing and data acquisition. As my capability has
grown, I have been consulted on matters including the following:

  • Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Alternative, Renewable and Gaseous Fuels
  • Automotive Design and Engineering
  • Combustion and Engine Fuel Systems
  • Engines: Diesel, Gas and Petrol
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • (General) Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical and Machine Design
  • Motorsport Issues
  • Vehicle Braking Systems
  • (Other) Vehicle Systems
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Performance
  • Workplace Accident Investigation
Dr T.R. White

Formal Education


Simultaneous Diesel and CNG Injection for Dual-Fuelling Compression-Ignition Engines.

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with Honours Class 1, UNSW, Sydney, 1999.

The Effect of Spark-Knock on the Performance of a Modern Engine.


Tertiary Entrance Rank of 99.30

Consulting and Expert Witness Work

Since 2004, I have undertaken consulting projects in diverse fields of mechanical engineering.  Much of this work has included engagement as an Expert Witness for matters in the Supreme, District and Local Courts of NSW in both civil and criminal matters.  As an Expert Witness I have been engaged by a client list comprising:

  • Government departments (including WorkCover NSW and the Crown Solicitor’s Office)
  • Multinational industrial corporations (in the manufacturing and construction sectors)
  • Insurance companies
  • Corporate law firms
  • Barristers’ chambers
  • Private solicitors
  • Private individuals

I am regularly sub-contracted by UNSW (UniSearch) Expert Opinion Services, Jamieson Foley & Associates, Expert Consulting Pty Ltd and Experts Direct.

Media Work

My expert opinion has been sought by various media outlets. Examples include appearances on Channel 7, on Radio 2UE, ABC Radio and in the Fairfax press.

Testing, Experimental and Analysis

Through the course of my professional, consulting and research career I have managed and/or undertaken testing into engineering systems including:

  • Acoustics: performance of mufflers.
  • Aerodynamics: aerofoil performance, vortex generation.
  • Brakes and braking systems: hydraulic and pneumatic systems on all sized vehicles ranging from bikes through cars, trucks and other heavy vehicles.
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems: data logging, measurement and instrumentation.
  • Engines: knock-limited performance, performance on different fuels, effect of turbo- and super-charging, emissions performance, dynamometer setup and testing
  • Fasteners: ultimate strength and pull-out performance.
  • Fuels: performance of diesel, petrol, liquefied petroleum and natural gas (LPG and NG), the effect of additives, specific consumption.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems: gauge calibration, hose and valve failure, valve and control performance especially on truck braking systems.
  • Mechanical Systems: machine design, power transmission and general mechanical engineering.

Employment – Industrial Experience

T.R. White Forensic Mechanical Engineers Pty Ltd

Director, 2013 – Present

After a period operating a sole-trader consultancy, in June 2013 I formed a company. I am now
engaged full-time as a forensic mechanical engineer. To date, I have investigated over 50 cases,
specialising in:

  • Insurance assessment
  • Prosecution/Litigation/Defence support
  • Workplace Health and Safety investigations

The University of NSW, School of Mechanical Engineering

Lecturer, 2010-13

Teaching Roles:

I was employed full-time as a Lecturer and Researcher of Mechanical Design and Innovation.  Courses convened or tutored:

  • ENGG1000 Engineering Design and Innovation (convened 250 students/semester)
  • MMAN2100 Engineering Component Design (tutored 250 students/year)
  • MECH4100 Design in Practice (convened 110 students/year)


  • Several postgraduate Masters and PhD research students and > 30 Honours students in 3 years.


Research and publishing continues in the field of:


  • External research funding awarded 2011 – 2013 exceeded $250,000.

Service to the University

  • Health & Safety Academic Representative for the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Faculty Advisor to the Formula SAE Project.
  • Product Champion for SolidWorks and SolidCAM.

The University of NSW, School of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory Officer-in-Charge, 2009-10

For twelve months I was employed as a Technical Officer in the Design Projects Laboratory. I provided leadership in the day-to-day operation of the Lab:

  • I facilitated postgraduate and externally-funded research projects and in doing so supervised undergraduate theses, hands-on undergraduate classes and student-led projects such as the UNSW Formula SAE team.
  • In classes ranging between 5 and 50 students I taught the fundamentals of engineering design; work which required the formulation, writing and presentation of lecture, tutorial and laboratory class material.
  • I oversaw the successful design and manufacture of specialised laboratory equipment and the modification and improvement of existing test models, rigs and apparatus.
  • In managing the laboratory’s OH&S systems I designed, published and delivered training courses to the various groups working within the laboratory.

Enviro Diesel Systems at Haltech Engine Management Systems

Project Engineer, 2004-2009.

Haltech’s core business is the design and manufacture of automotive engine management systems. EDS, as a subsidiary and in collaboration with the UNSW, developed a new type of diesel injector. There I:

  • Designed mechanical and hydraulic systems, working with FEA analysis and CFD simulation.
  • Liaised with investors and suppliers of both OEM and bespoke components for a million-dollar project.
  • Developed marketing literature, controlled documentation and wrote engineering reports.
  • Performed the roles of machinist, fitter and welder for the system test rigs.

The University of NSW, School of Mechanical Engineering

PhD Candidate and Academic Tutor, 2001-5.

My PhD was involved with making compressed natural gas a viable alternative fuel for use in diesel engines.  Access it here: T.R. White PhD Thesis.

Through the course of my candidature I made extensive use of, and became familiar with, many types of laboratory apparatus and computer simulation packages. During my tenure I:

  • Modelled multi-phase supersonic flows (Mach 3.2) and shock waves using the 3-D CFD package Fluent.
  • Researched, co-wrote, presented and published over a dozen academic publications.
  • Designed and subsequently manufactured all of the necessary laboratory test rigs in my home workshop.
  • Tutored in subjects including Machine Systems Design (3rd Year), Internal Combustion Engines (4th Year) and CAD (1st Year) in classes of up to 100 students.
  • In 2009 I also taught third-year Mechanical Design and FEA to 50 students at the University of Sydney.

BTR Automotive

Mechanical Design Engineer, 2000-2001.

Upon completing a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering with Honours Class 1, I gained employment as a design engineer with Australia’s only manufacturer of automotive transmissions where I:

  • Designed rotating components and analysed the design of clutch packs, gear-sets and hydraulic controls in the prototype 5-speed automatic transmission for both the local and Korean markets.
  • Liaised, as a Project Engineer, with outside partners (QUT and CAST-CRC for light metals) for the program to replace aluminium transmission housings with magnesium castings.
  • As controller of the validation program for exports to Europe in an all-new vehicle, my responsibility was for a transmission with a production volume of up to 100,000 units per annum.

Other Positions of Note

Freelance Journalist, 2000-Present

Mechanical Engineer, 1998-9

Mechanical Engineer, 1998

Pit Crew, 1997

Mechanical Engineer, 1996-7

Mechanical Engineer, 1995-6

Cadet Pilot Officer, 1993

Academic Publications

Several of my journal and conference papers have been published, including in peer-reviewed journals ranked A* by Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).

Please contact me for a full list of my publications.

Affiliations and Memberships

Licences and Competencies


Accredited training:

  • LabView suite, National Instruments Australia, Macquarie Park, 2010.
  • ANSYS Mechanical and Modal, LEAP Australia, 2011.
  • ANSYS CFX (CFD), LEAP Australia, 2012.

Acquired competencies:

  • Advanced CAD drafting skills with ProEngineer and SolidWorks.
  • Proficiency with high-level, three-dimensional CFD using Fluent and FEA using CosmosWorks.
  • Expertise with PC-based engine management, data-acquisition and Microsoft Office applications.



  • Forklift (High-reach, LF), Crown Lift Trucks, Smithfield, 2010.
  • Federal Semi-trailer (HC) and Bike (R), Central West Driver Training, Bathurst, 2001.
  • Waterways (NSW Powerboat), 2003.
  • Unrestricted Private Pilot’s Licence, Star Air Charter, 1994.

Accredited training:

  • Crown Lift Trucks, Smithfield, LF Forklift, June 2010.
  • Central West Driver Training, HC (Heavy Combination) Drivers Licence, October 2001.
  • Corporate Driver Training, Low Risk Driver Course, May 2000.
  • Dynamic Safety Driving (Ian Luff, Oran Park), CAMS Observed Licence Test, August 1994.
  • Dynamic Safety Driving (Ian Luff, Oran Park), High Performance Driving, August 1994.
  • Dynamic Safety Driving (Ian Luff, Oran Park), Advanced Driving, 11 July 1994.


  • Expert Witness training, UNSW Global Expert Opinion Services, UNSW, 2012.


Workshop competency at near-trade level. Extensive skill and experience with many forms or equipment including:

  • metal lathes
  • milling machines
  • TIG (AC and DC), MIG, MMAW and oxy-acetylene welders.